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Live Streamed Team Trivia

Pop Quiz Trivia has returned to live hosting games.


Play this family friendly game this Thanksgiving.


(This link will start a .pdf download)

Just open and click along to play.

Private Streamed Games

PopQuiz Trivia delivered live-streamed trivia over the lockdown. With a passion for testing minds and enjoying adult beverages on a week night, a little pandemic didn't stop us. If you're looking for an online trivia experience we have the know how.

How we Played

Follow the ZOOM Link (which will launch a new web browsing window).

You may be prompted to Download the ZOOM application.

Sharing your own Video stream is not required and simply up to you.


Feel free to chat with other players before the game starts but please stay MUTED during game play.  

After the game kicks off your Host will break out the teams. Message your Team Name and Player's Names to the Host. Host will share a link for each round.

After the round is completed we will review answers and scores before proceeding to the next round.

Need a Trivia Fix?



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