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No More Football?!

It's the time of year when you make promises in vain and feel the empty hole broadcast competition fills from September through January. As the pros and college kids play for gaudy trophies and immediate glory you can turn your attention to the mental minefield that is Team Trivia. Join us at any one of our OC locations for a wits battle not seen anywhere but an OC PopQuiz! venue. Raging 4 nights a week all year long we promise to mildly entertain you and give you an excuse to drink on a week night. Gave up drinking? Perfect! Replace those empty alcohol calories with great bar food. Trying to eat like a cave man? Bring a cave man with you and see the schmorgesborg he devours at one of our trivia spots. Go plate for plate, we'll watch.

What we’re trying to say is read a book, then come show off your smarty pants.



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